Modafinil and Armodafinil are nootropics used to treat sleep disorders such as

  • Narcolepsy
  • Shift Work Disorder
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

They’re known for helping people stay alert and focused.

When something gets highlighted, you often see many options, making choosing the best one for you is confusing.

Have you ever heard of Modalert, Modvigil, Waklert, or Artvigil when looking into nootropics?

These four medications are generic versions of Modafinil and Armodafinil. They’re considered some of the best options you can buy.

But which one should you pick? Let’s figure that out.

Understanding Modafinil & Armodafinil 

Modafinil drug was created in France back in 1998. It got approved in the US that same year to treat sleep disorders.

Modafinil works by affecting the central nervous system. It stimulates the release of specific chemicals that promote wakefulness.

This includes increasing dopamine levels, norepinephrine, and other neurotransmitters in the brain.

By boosting the activity of these neurotransmitters, Modafinil enhances alertness and reduces extreme sleepiness. This helps individuals to stay awake and focused during the day.

Scientists developed a better drug after receiving positive feedback from various groups of people. This happened in the early 2000s.

The new drug is called Armodafinil. It’s stronger than Modafinil. Plus, Armodafinil works better even in smaller doses.

Armodafinil is a purer form of Modafinil. This means it mostly contains one part of Modafinil called the r-enantiomer.

Armodafinil doesn’t cause psychoactive or euphoric effects. Hence, making it a safer option for productivity and focus.

By stopping dopamine reuptake, armodafinil keeps dopamine in the brain longer. This leads to more alertness, better concentration, and clearer thinking.

People like these smart drugs better than amphetamines. One of the reasons is because they’re less likely to be misused.

Both Armodafinil and Modafinil are smart drugs that help you stay awake. They’re pretty similar to each other.


How they work:

  • Modafinil and Armodafinil work similarly, but we still need to fully understand how.
  • Experts think they boost activity in specific brain areas by blocking dopamine reuptake.[1]

Effects with food:

  • If you take these drugs with food, it can slow down their effects.
  • They might take 1-2 hours longer to start working. [2,3]

Same half-life:

  • Both Armodafinil and Modafinil stick around in your body for about the same time – around 13-15 hours. [4]


  • Studies from 2011 found that both drugs treat extreme sleepiness in SWSD equally well. [5]
  • Another study showed they’re both equally effective for reducing daytime sleepiness in people with sleep apnea. [6]

Enhanced cognition:

  • Both drugs can help you concentrate better, stay alert, and focus.


Chemical Structure:

  • Armodafinil is a purer form of Modafinil.
  • Modafinil has two mirror-image parts, but Armodafinil mainly contains one part, called the r-enantiomer.


  • The r-enantiomer of Armodafinil stays in your body longer, about 10-14 hours.
  • But the other part, the s-enantiomer, only lasts 3-4 hours. This means Armodafinil stays in your system longer than Modafinil.
  • Some studies suggest Armodafinil might be stronger than drug Modafinil.[7]

Modafinil Vs Armodafinil 

2. Modafinil Vs Armodafinil

Both Armodafinil and Modafinil fall in the cognitive enhancer category, but Armodafinil (150mg) requires a smaller dose than Modafinil (200mg) to achieve similar effects.

Studies suggest there’s no big difference in how safe and effective Armodafinil and Modafinil are.[8

It ultimately depends on how your body breaks down and responds to the substances you introduce to it.

  Modafinil  Armodafinil 
Drug Class Stimulant-like, Wakefulness-promoting drug Stimulant-like, Wakefulness-promoting drug
Administration Method Tablet to be consumed orally  Oral tablet
Prescribed Standard Dosage 200 mg per day 150 mg per day
Duration of Effects Effects are observed for a shorter duration in comparison. Effects are seen for a prolonged period with a smoother boost.
Side Effects
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness
  • Dizziness
  • Back pain
  •  Diarrhea
  •  Nasal
  • Congestion
  •  Indigestion
  •  Dry Mouth
  • Decreased Appetite
  •  Anxiety
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  •  Dry mouth
  • Indigestion 
  • Anxiety
  • Decreased
  • appetite 
Interaction with Other Medications 
  • Reduces the effectiveness of medication aimed at lowering blood pressure
  •  Lessen the effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives
  •  Affect the potency of an immunosuppressant such as Cyclosporine.
  • Reduces the effectiveness of medication aimed at lowering blood pressure
  •  Lessen the effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives
  •  Affect the potency of an immunosuppressant such as Cyclosporine.

Generic Modafinil & Armodafinil Options

Now, let’s focus on the drugs: Modalert and Modvigil have Modafinil, while Artvigil and Waklert use Armodafinil.
Sun Pharmaceuticals makes Modalert and Waklert, and HAB Pharmaceuticals produces Modvigil and Artvigil. Let’s explore further.

Modvigil Vs Modalert

3. Modalert Vs Waklert

Both Modalert and Modvigil use Modafinil, which is a popular generic option. The duration of their effects varies from person to person due to the individual’s biochemistry.

Typically, Modvigil effects last a shorter time (around 8-10 hours with a 200mg dose) than Modalert (lasting 12-14 hours with 200mg tablets). Additionally, Modalert is usually less expensive than Modvigil.

People new to Modafinil should start with Modvigil as it has a shorter duration of effects. Also, taking it early in the morning is less likely to disrupt your sleep cycle.

Modalert, however, is the best generic Modafinil in the market based on the reviews from regular users.

Modalert Modvigil 
ManufacturerSun PharmaceuticalsHAB Pharmaceuticals 
Active ingredient ModafinilModafinil
Prescribed Dosage200 mg per day100-200 mg per day
Last for12-14 hours8-10 hours
Cost EfficiencyExpensive than other brandsCheaper generic form in the market.

Artvigil Vs Waklert

Waklert is the top choice for Armodafinil, offering a solid 14-16 hours of effects. This extended duration is great for boosting your attention span over a long period.

Conversely, Artvigil isn’t as popular as Waklert because its effects only last 8-10 hours. Most regular users tend to prefer Waklert over Artvigil.

ManufacturerSun PharmaceuticalsHAB Pharmaceuticals 
Active ingredient Armodafinil Armodafinil 
Prescribed Dosage150 mg per day150 mg per day
Last for14-16 hoursUp to 10 hours
Cost EfficiencyExpensive in comparison Cheaper
UsesActivenessCognizance/Reasoning capability Heightened FocusEnergy ActivenessCognizance/Reasoning capability Heightened Focus

Modalert Vs Waklert

This is similar to comparing Modafinil and Armodafinil. Waklert (Armodafinil) lasts longer in the body, whereas Modalert is less strong. The decision between the two depends entirely on the consumer’s preference.
Both Modafinil and Armodafinil are typically better choices than other generic medications. When used as directed, they usually cause minimal side effects.

Safety of Products

A recent study explains that Modafinil has fewer or no adverse effects compared to other cognitive enhancers on the market.

It’s suitable for anyone needing to stay alert for late work, staying awake, or improving mood. [9]

Modafinil and Armodafinil are the safest cognitive enhancers as long as users stick to the recommended dosage from manufacturers or doctors.

Manufacturer Credibility 

Both Sun Pharma and HAB Pharmaceuticals are well-known Indian-based companies. They’re famous for making high-quality generic drugs.
Choosing between Sun Pharma and HAB Pharma Modafinil is not about which is better overall. Instead, it depends on your biochemistry.
According to user reviews, Sun Pharma’s Modalert is often praised as the best option.

Other Generic Modafinil Option – Vilafinil

Vilafinil is a generic Modafinil medication, but it’s less famous for several reasons. Its effects are weaker than Modalert and Modvigil.
According to customer feedback, the company that makes Vilafinil isn’t well-known or trusted.
You need help finding it with major online sellers. There have been reports of people experiencing adverse side effects from using it.
Even though Vilafinil may not deliver the best results, its price is similar to other generic Modafinil options. This is why it’s often considered the least preferred choice.

In a Nutshell

4. In a Nutshell

The final comparison between Modalert, Modvigil, Waklert, and Artvigil shows that Modalert is the most affordable generic Modafinil option, followed by Waklert for generic Armodafinil.
While Modvigil works well for its intended purpose, it’s favored by those seeking a gentler option.
It’s important to note that the effects of these drugs can vary depending on individual physiology. What works for one person may not work the same for another.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Which out of modafinil and armodafinil is better?

    Both Modafinil and Armodafinil are equally effective in treating sleeping disorders and enhancing cognitive abilities. However, the effects of Armodafinil are known to last longer.

  2. Are Modafinil or Armodafinil safe for pregnant women?

    No. These stimulants are not suitable for pregnant or lactating women. Consult with your doctor if you were taking these before pregnancy for alternative treatment options. 

  3. Can drug tests detect modafinil or armodafinil?

    Drug tests are usually designed to detect stimulants such as amphetamines, etc. Modafinil or Armodafinil will not appear on the test or as false positives for any other stimulant. 

  4. Is it safe to take Armodafinil or Modafinil with alcohol?

    No. It is not recommended to take Armodafinil or Modafinil with alcohol as it may result in more serious side effects. Drinking alcohol while on Armodafinil or Modafinil may also cause serious complications.

  5. Can Modafinil and Armodafinil be taken together?

    The active ingredient in both Armodafinil and Modafinil is similar; if taken together, the potential risk of harmful effects increases; therefore, it is not advised to take both these drugs together.


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