Modawake 200 mg


Modawake 200 mg, sometimes known as the ‘limitless’ pill is a popular and trusted cognitive enhancer. It contains the drug modafinil which functions to improve the user’s wakefulness, focus, and alertness to improve their performance – mental and also, therefore, physical. All the research done on the performance of this drug says that it somehow tends to change how our brain and the body perceive tiredness. Most physicians recommend the administration of Modawake during the early morning since its effects last for as long as 12 hours and even longer durations possibly. So, to avoid its interference with your general sleep cycle, taking it at least 12 hours before bedtime is the best course of action to go for. Sticking to the doctor’s advice is important to avoid any mishaps.

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Modawake 200 mg
Modawake 200 mg
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